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Mit langjähriger Erfahrung, diversem Team und konsequenter Standardisierung im Validierungsprozess, Testmanagement und Komponentenhandling sind wir Vorreiter in Absicherungsprojekten für e-Automotive und e-Aviation.


Fehlende Personalkapazität und fehlendes Fachwissen sind die größten Kostentreiber im Validierungsprozess, die verhindern Budget- und Datumsziele zu treffen. Das verteuert den gesamten Entwicklungsprozess und mindert Ihre Chance sich heute als Größe im E-Segment zu platzieren.

NEXT Validation

The NEXT team takes over your complete product validation along our validation process and guarantees cost-efficient and punctual test & inspection results. Thanks to TestCORE & TestPortal, developers have live data access.



Planning and requirement analysis




Testcase description and implementation


Execution and coordination


Evaluation and reporting


Ongoing feedback process for development

20% higher reliability in budget and schedule compared to internal teams.


Test Engineers & Managers


Softwaretests & Hardwaretests


Specific domain and process knowledge Automotive & Aviation

Validation Support


NEXT provides support where it is needed. Are you short of staff or expertise in an ongoing validation project, or do you need to fill a short-term capacity gap? Then we are the partner you need to get your project to the finish line.


©TestCORE Test bench and test specimen control with secure data channels.


©TestPortal Inspection management web service incl. document management, data & process visualisation and secure data channels

Remote Access for your Devices under Test


The ©TestCORE is a robust, multi-functional DUT controller with telematics capabilities, designed for test benches of various designs. With the accompanying ©TestPortal, documents and data on validation progress are available live to the development team.


Previously, developers had to wait weeks for test data and reports. This delays the feedback of important findings and the completion of development.

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